Merry Christmas 2016!

Johnson Family Newsletter

Volume XXIX

Eggnog with family, and holiday cheer,

Presents and snowflakes, it’s that time of year.

Forgo gay apparel, don a bad Christmas sweater,

Then gather around, for our annual letter.


Jason and Rachel, Connecticut bound,

New England’s stray animals, about to be found.

We’ll haul a truck with their stuff, the things they hold dear,

Hope Santa brings her mittens, and long johns for his rear.


More painting for Rach, and residency for him,

Give Jason a call, if you’re missing a limb.

They’ll explore new lands, and camp in the wild,

And maybe find time, to give us a grandchild.


As for Kyle and Laci, they got their degree,

Then she said yes, the two me’s became we.

We thought he’d stay single, I guess we were wrong,

Finding love can be tricky, with a neck a foot long.


Then off to St Louis, OT school for Lace,

Ministry for him, all by God’s grace.

He reads everything in sight, she loves a soft couch.

We hope that someday, there’ll be a baby in her pouch.


Enough grand baby talk! Give them space, give them time!

Just planting a seed, in this grand Christmas rhyme,

Grand parenting can be tough, can I handle such a cause?

Is it worse, I ask, than Jan’s menopause?


Steve went on a hike, it was quite the long journey,

Still can’t feel his feet, might end up on a gurney.

“Fob” lost some weight, gained a new, bearded look.

If you want more details, read his upcoming book.


Lil Jan hit the road, while Big Steve was away,

Loving friends and family, allowed her to stay.

Hamm’s, Watt’s, Gentry’s…Deboef’s and Maddux’s too,

Johnson’s, Leasure’s and Diamond’s, each a fun crew!


She met up with Steve, reunions are sweet,

The hot tub at Watauga, not a bad place to meet.

The Pennsylvania B&B, could have been the best,

But Steve was so tired, all we did was rest!  😉


After the trail, Lil Jan broke the news,

No, she wasn’t pregnant, we weren’t going on a cruise.

“We’re headed to the Grand Canyon, a great RV ride,

But just one more thing, hon…my parents are inside!”

We still live on the road, in our own wheel estate,

It’s not a good life, it’s really quite great!

We travel as Sojourners, to a camp or children’s home,

Or sometimes a church, who knows where we’ll roam?


 We’re in Tucson this winter, mid cactus and sand,

Serve at the Food Bank, lots of needs in this land.

Next year it’s California, and Washington too,

Then Montana and Colorado, there’s so much to do!

May your Christmas be great, and your New Year the best,

May you hold family close, and trust God with the rest.

May your pets remain healthy, may you keep them well fed,

Not an issue for us, because our Mandy is dead.

Merry Christmas!

Big Steve and Lil Jan

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