Can We Stop for a Moment?

It’s black! It’s white! I’ll stand my ground,

There’s no grey here, my fists will pound!

I’m right! You’re wrong! You’re a dumb hypocrite,

You lie, you cheat, you clearly don’t get it.

Trump hates! Trump protects! Hope you feel my aggression!

In our body politic, there can be no concession.

Alt left! Alt right! My watchword derision,

As our children look on, they see only division.

Can we stop for a moment? Take a breath, full and deep,

Put a brake on the madness, put our hatred to sleep.

Step away from the post, the score settling tweet,

Find someone in need, be kind and be sweet.

Honest Abe was so right, his pronouncement so grand,

A house divided, my friends, it simply won’t stand,

Let’s seek compromise, or agree to disagree,

But do so with respect, and not make an enemy.

May we love our neighbors, may we seek to understand,

May we tone down the rhetoric, and instead reach out a hand.

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