Dear God, Are You There?

Dear God, are you there? Can you hear our plea?

We’re in a bit of a bind, Lord, I hope you’ll agree.

Our numbers are down some, we’ve struggled of late,

Our church baptistry is leaking, our classrooms need paint.

The weeds have taken over, the screen doors won’t shut,

We need a pantry built, and our lawn, it needs cut.

The gutters are full, Lord, and there’s more on the list,

Oh God, if you’re listening , we need an assist!

I see you have issues, I know you’re in a bind,

I’ve heard your prayers, and have a solution in mind.

They’ll arrive by RV, and fill your parking lot,

They are wrinkled and grey, spring chickens they’re not.

But they’ll fix those screen doors, and work your list with their might,

In between card games, they’ll paint everything in sight.

They travel with purpose, and that purpose is you,

They’ll be carrying toolkits, and a love for God too.

Dear God, are you there? Are you listening to me?

Our backs are against the wall, I hope you’ll agree.

Our VBS is scheduled, but there’s so much to do,

We need Bible class teachers, and crafts, and snacks too.

Our neighbors need inviting, Lord, our workers are few,

Doors need knocking, children need to learn of you,

We need drama scripts written, and some people to act,

Oh, God, please send help, so the pews we can pack!

I’ve heard your pleas, your persistence will pay,

The solution is unfolding, yes, help is on the way.

Just give them 50 amps, and some snacks on a plate,

Your VBS will happen, in fact, it’ll be great!

As God of creation, I hear and answer prayer,

I gave you my Son, I really do care.

I sometimes send manna, or a preacher I’ll commission,

But for the really tough tasks, I use the Sojourner mission.

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