Treating Women: A Primer

Another day, another headline, the news again sullied,

Harassment, disrespect, a woman was bullied.


Allegations, denials, the charges span years,

From intimidation and rape, to a pat on the rear.


More than incidental, I fear something that’s chronic,

Power plus disrespect, lead to actions demonic.


From media to politics, to sports and entertainment,

Each time I shake my head, ashamed to be a gent,


From Clinton and Trump, to Affleck and Lauer,

From Cosby to Weinstein, Tis the reckoning hour.


Add Conyers and Franken, and Moore, I’m afraid,

Plus Hoffman and Spacey, and Louis C.K.


These, just the famous, the ones in the news,

You’ll find them also in classrooms, and boardrooms, and pews.


Let justice prevail, through the facts we must sort,

Each victim and accused, deserves their day in court.


In the meantime, a solution, for this group we call male,

There is guidance out there, if we’ll only avail,


“Honor your wives,” how hard can that be?

You’ll find it right there, in 1 Peter, chapter 3.


“Love your wife as yourself,” as long as you’re alive,

It’s not rocket science, it’s Ephesians, chapter 5.


But it’s more than that, per Romans 12, verse 10,

“Honor one another,” did you hear that, you men?


“Show proper respect to everyone,” says 1 Peter 2,

That includes mothers and daughters, and actresses too.


Permit me one more, Hebrews 13, verse 4,

“Keep the marriage bed pure,” your wife and no more.


Forgive my intrusion, my stating the obvious,

But some have forgotten, perhaps some in this audience.


Treat her well, open doors, such an easy, simple task,

Show respect, have some class, is this too much to ask?


For the women who have suffered, the #metoo crowd,

I hope men step up their games, and live lives that make you proud.

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